Let's get your

Body Healed

From back pain and sciatic pain, neck pain and headaches, numbness, or digestive issues; you name it——your BODY is the actual healer. Through specific spinal adjustments, nutritional and exercise advice, you’re body is put in a more advantageous position to to heal. 

Our mission is to transform your health. 

We do not treat everyone the same. Our patients receive a specifically designed adjustment protocol based on our findings. Our goal-oriented care is designed to make real, physical changes in your alignment. We are committed to the maintenance of the changes made during your goal-oriented care to preserve a  higher level of health. 

New Patient

During an intake, new patients will be required to fill out paperwork and provide  a description of areas in pain. A consultation followed by a spinal examination by the doctor will follow before your customized adjustments.

If needed, x-ray is available on site, so you don’t have to travel to another location and take valuable time out of your schedule.



We accept multiple insurance, such as MediCare, Blue Shield Blue Cross and United Health Care. Please contact our office if you are unsure if your insurance is accepted.

When an insurance company limits the total number of visits they will allow in a year it does not have anything to do with what you may NEED in terms of treatment course. Don’t let insurance companies dictate what you need. It’s only what they’ll pay for. Only your chiropractor knows what you need based off of your history and exam findings. 

We are committed to improve your health, with or without insurance.

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Automobile Accidents

Taking the time to get the right care throughout the healing process is the key to minimizing long term disability. In most cases, the automobile insurance of the guilty party will cover treatment costs 100%.

At Nathan Chiropractic Center, we provide specific adjustments to improve post-accident misalignment.  Massage may be provided to limit muscle spasms and promote soft tissue healing.  Nutrition focused on inflammation, as well as specific exercises will be recommended.

We give your body it’s best chance of healing.

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No Insurance?

Are you a cash paying client?

Call our office for fees, which we are confident you will be comfortable with.

"Chiropractic recognizes the link between form and function"

David Nathan

The Center